Growing 20 email newsletters

In April 2020, during the Covid-19 lockdown, Chris Osborne launched 20 email newsletters publically on Twitter (7 had been published as per this post date).

Chris did this for 2 reasons; to a) inspire others to get building during some pretty rough times, and b) to research different newsletter tools out there for his new newsletter course.

This newsletter, 20 Newsletters, will go out on the 1st of every month to highlight the progress each newsletter has made going forward. Chris and the new CEO (more on that below) will be totally candid in sharing subscriber metrics, revenue numbers, and the different tools and systems they are testing and implementing into the business.

We are looking for a CEO

Chris is looking for a CEO to manage and grow all 20 newsletters. As this will be a bootstrapped project, the CEO will be responsible for marketing, content, and sales all by themselves for at least 6 months (full training will be given). It’s a lot of work that isn’t suited to most people, but if you do know someone who could be interested, please get them to send Chris a DM on Twitter.


We’ll be sending the first update on the 1st.

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